To The Centre Of The Eye

The brand new Studio album release 16 May 2008 the brand new Studio album will release may 16, 2008 the great fathers of the progressive rock counted in 1970 founded the breakthrough for the British band came nectar not in their home country, but in Germany (and in the United States). With albums such as «remember the future», «Down To Earth» and «Recycled» all three reached the status of gold they became one of the top acts of the 1970s. Their former live concerts are considered today due to the unique light shows leading the way. After the great success of the 70s, it was quiet to nectar in the 1980s and 1990s years. In 2001, drew the band but with the album «The Prodigal Son» back in and is since then again an integral part of the international prog-rock scene. A large part of the career of nectar was accompanied records by Bellaphon as record label starting with the debut album «Journey To The Centre Of The Eye» on all recordings of the 70s and the comeback album «the prodigal Son». Therefore it was obvious again that crossed paths of nectar and Bella Phon for the new album.

Almost four years after the previous «Evolution» the long-awaited new work «Book Of Days» appears on Friday, May 16, 2008. In the eight tracks extended arrangements, no-frills rock and soulful passages alternate. At their last tour of Germany in the autumn of 2007, the anticipated publication of «Book Of Days» and where already the one or the other piece of the new album was to listen nectar their class once again clearly demonstrate made. After various line-up changes in recent years the live Line-Up of the band since then consists in addition to the founding member.