Archivo Mensual: abril 2015

Spirit Remember

We must, whenever it is necessary, remember that our action must be always the service of a bigger cause that ours. It is the cause of the Master Jesus and its Evangelho with which we are searching adjustment and identity. Therefore, I believe that it is for the work, discrete and consistent, that we must direct our focus. More still, we must understand that in this occasion where truily we are called, we must search in the work, to develop our effort for the accomplishment of a class action based exclusively in the good to serve. As consequncia, we have then the certainty, that we occupy the place and we develop a service that Mr.

in the reserve, either it which will be, because he is kept of the biggest possible significance that is the mark of the Love of Jesus. To the one disponibilizarmos in them of this form, we move away in them from the complaints, the requirements and the lamentations, because we perceive in fact that all task that we execute if constitutes in optimum effort that we can carry through for the personal and collective satisfaction. E, to the end, we perceive that we contribuimos for the construction of the Good in us. To finish, we must remember one of the biggest teachings of the Spirit of Truth that says in them that we need to work together and joined to arrive when you, finds finished the workmanship. Always let us remember and let us focus our main task in Vinha Mr. and let us move away from our hearts and our minds the attitudes of the first workers of the last hour that touched for the envy and for the jealousy, they had questioned the attitude Mr. contracted who them that he paid to equal wage to all the ones that had worked in its land, also the ones that had arrived at the end. We must strengthen in our attitudes, the true commitment that we have with the Esprita Cause and with the House that we hug, working truily for all the project that we help to construct, independent of the hour that we arrive and of what we have to receive or to be recognized. All our effort must be come back toward the search of the largeness of the Workmanship where we work. For such the union of all is basic we, truily involved in this huge project that joins in them that it is the practical one of the Love and the Charity – of ones stops with the others That the Master in Ilumine!