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Synthetic Oil

Now the presence of vehicles at the man from a successful family – a required element. The machine is characterized by self-expression, and demonstrates to all that view, which wants to show his boss. Matornoe oil often helps to monitor vehicle, its technical condition and timing of work. Distinguish synthetic oil and synthetic oil. Any of them is equipped with one or other qualities that help ensure the full life of the machine. Matornoe oil 10w-40 or 5w-30 is commonly known as motorists in the Republic of Belarus, but also in other camps.

Matornye oil 10w-40 and 5w-30 to increase engine life. Synthetic oil and synthetic oil helps formation of a protective film on a secure site used by the engine, making it extra protection at the time of starting the engine. The main advantages of synthetic oils – good thermal stability, high-quality lubricating performance. Semi-synthetic oil is best used at a time when doubts about the seals to prevent leakage of motor oil, because it has better cleaning properties. And if the leak were not, You can continue to use synthetic oil. Production of anti-freeze is implemented based on salts of organic carboxylic acids and applied OAT technology. Additives – drugs that are added to fuels, lubricants and other substances in small doses.

The following types of additives: antismoke, antioxidant, antiwear, corrosion inhibitors. Antifreeze, motor oil as well as with enhanced additive package and a long manual will help your car engine to live longer. A new series of TNK Magnum – a synthetic and semi synthetic motor oils for engines of modern cars. Developed by TNK Lubricants', included in the group TNK-BP. TNK Magnum Series oils are among the most advanced products on the market and meet international quality level API SL. Due to the precise balance of the composition of oils TNK Magnum series remain high performance throughout life until the next oil change (category stay-in-grade).