Jewish Life In Berlin

Stations in the city image – past and present four major institutions hit a historic arch from the beginnings of Jewish life in Germany, about the time of cultural and material flowering, persecution and destruction up to a new start in the present. Judaicum, the new synagogue Berlin at the Oranienburgerstrasse, as well as the topography of terror include the Memorial opened in May 2005 for the murdered Jews of Europe, next to the Brandenburg Gate, the Jewish Museum Berlin – Centrum. All the facilities are quite close together and are easily accessible on foot. The Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe consists of 2,711 concrete pillars and was built according to plans of the New York architect Peter Eisenmann. The stelae is accessible and fully accessible day and night. The Jewish Museum impresses with its spectacular Architektur.Der American architect Daniel Libeskind is here a new landmark for Berlin.

The exhibition presents a cross-section of the middle ages in fourteen paintings of age until today. The golden dome of the Centrum Judaicum dominates the center of the old Berlin. Despite heavy war damage, the synagogue could be restored again and today shows the permanent exhibition: «Tuet on the gates.» In Ankupfung on the tradition of the synagogue the Foundation sees new synagogue Berlin, the aim of which is to build a bridge between past and future, and to act as a link between East and west euro Terezin Judaism itself. Near Potsdamer Platz on the grounds of the topography of terror, the headquarters of the GeStPo.Hier was documented the suffering of Jews during the NAZI dictatorship between 1933 and 1945.Even the few surviving pieces of the Berlin wall is located on the premises. For Berlin visitors was the tip allowed at the following links to find a suitable accommodation. Berlin cheap apartment or room rental Berlin.