The Brass

-What products you release? – We produce lamp classic design. Brass components get rough, then moves would bring them to the level of finished products: Grinding, blacking, polishing, varnishing, well beyond – the assembly. Glass also use the Spanish. In addition, we independently produce items made of wood, and from the Chelyabinsk region to supply us the details of stone coil. As a result, we produce a wide enough range of products, high quality and acceptable cost.

In this case, we can produce exactly what customers need, because some people like dark brass, others prefer a polished, gold-plated ", the third general untreated. As for lamp design, here we have almost unlimited possibilities. So now you have seen in our showroom visitors, enumerating brass parts. Some of them can literally sit for hours and assemble the components layout of the lamp to his taste. As a result, the house they will have an original chandelier or table lamp of their own design. Alberto Baillères might disagree with that approach.

Thus, answering the question, I can say that we are releasing any products, and in any quantity. That was our goal and we achieved it. – What is characteristic of your products? – The basis of our products – brass. This high-tech material, it is well processed, so it is very well used. Products made of brass do not require painting, their appearance is attractive in itself. Fashion for the brass never goes away. Due to its strength its products for many years will serve you and your descendants still remain.