Honorary Scientology Clubs Clergy

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers live always under the motto: ‘You can always do something’. Terrorism drags on the structure of a society and spread an attitude characterized by hysteria, fear and concern. Emotional stress does not stop even at the borders of the war-torn Nations. Its own doorstep which multiply through by drug abuse, crime and destroyed families up to the unemployment and the stress that these problems still to prepare. Under these circumstances, urban management officials and the staff of the social services carry a tremendous burden. Even in these times there are solutions and those that actually work. These come from the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, when ever and where ever they are needed. Daily amazing results.

These solutions come from the knowledge of the doctrine of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard of the first established Church in California was passed in 1954. Scientology Volunteer chaplains are one large organization with a network of over 87,000 members worldwide. You collaborate on each continent directly with community leaders, officials, auxiliary staff and citizens, to bring order and real help in the face of any disaster. In any place in this world the volunteers are happened a disaster, any kind, Scientology chaplains under the first immediately do all, to alleviate suffering and restore order. Alone in the last few years, volunteer Scientology spiritual over 2 million people from all strata and professions from 114 countries have made real help. Proven during the disaster in September 2001 in New York, in London after the bomb attack on the subway, in December 2004 in Phuket after the tsunami, 2005 after the tsunami in Sri Lanka and many more. «This is the reason why Scientology Volunteer chaplains work according to the following motto: you can always do something».